The Choice of the Land

The Choice of the Land

               Choice of the Land & Beliefs:


The land had to be free of any "Danyang" or "Watchman" in order to insure peace and tranquility to it’s future dwellers.

The first step was to level the ground, but before that, the cutting of growth, such as plants and trees, was a step by step process done in it’s own time.

The area for the building was most likely to be raised as a pedestal from it’s surroundings. This was deliberate to avoid flooding during the rainy season.

A cover/layer, of bamboo and or stones was also arranged to prevent soil errosion around the building.

Land would be considered ideal or simply not suitable for building. Strong magical beliefs, would play an important role in the choice of the area, where to build and where not to build.

Areas, due to their past history, could be considered haunted or not … Javanese were particularly carefull in selecting the areas on wich to build on.

Each different land configuration or area, would carry a specific name, as follow …

(a) Suitable Land configurations on wich to build on:

"Maniikmulya" or plot of land with a slope towards the East.

Believed to protect the owner from all kinds of diseases

"Indraprasta" or plot of land with a slope towards the North.

Believed to fullfill the dreams, of it’s owner and bring money to his children and grand-children.

"Sangsang Buwana Katubing" or plot of land surrounded by mountains or hills.

Believed to bring respect and love from neighbours to it’s owner.

"Langupulawa earth" or plot of land located on former graves or located at the top of a cliff.

Believed that people living there would behave like keepers or fathers to rhe people.

"Darmalungit" Plot of land with a slope to the East and the West or like the "back of a cow".

Believed to bring profits and good luck to it’s owners.

"Sri Nugraha" Plot of land with a higher part towards the West and a flat part to the East.

Believed to bring high rank or wealth to it’s owners and a blessing from the almighty.

"Wisnumanitis" Plot of land with higher and lower areas.

Believed to bring plentiful provisions to it’s owners and descendants.

"Endragana" Plot of land that is flat in it’s center with higher surroundings.Believed to bring inner peace to it’s owners.

"Srimangepel" Land, that lies in the middle of a valley with many sources of water.

Believed, to fullfill the owners with an aboundance of food and crop.

"Arjuna" Land with a slope to the right hand side and with to the north and the south a part close to a hill. 

Believed, to be land, with the particularity of being usefull to others and to bringing respect to one another.

"Tigawarna" Land, surrounded by mountains that are also part of it.

Believed to make the owners wise, sages and recluse.

"Danarasa" Plot of land with a high and low part to the west and north.       

Believed that the people living there will have many wives or re-mary many times and will be wealthy enough to do so.

"Suniyalayu" Plot of land surrounded by valleys.

Believed to bring many children.
"Lamurwangke"  Plot of land between mountains and hills.

Believed to be a land where the Buffalos, Horses and Cows come.

(b) Land configurations not suitable to build on:

"Sri Sadana" Plot of land with a slope to the west. Owners living there would be believed to be allways fighting and also getting sick. Note: It was recommended to burry a banana and a stone in the eastern part of this plot of land to counter the curse.

"Reed" Plot of land with a slope to the south. Believed to curse the owners with illnesses and bringging death upon the family. Note: It was recommended to make an offering and to burry it in the middle of the front garden.(piece or pieces of charcoal remaining from a completely consumed fire)… then to read out parts of  the "Surat Al- Ikhlas" and "Surat An-naas".

"Sekarsinom" Plot of land with a slope to the south but directly facing a swamp. Believed to bring wealth but with the strong possibility of loosing a loved one. Note: It was recommended to plant one Short tree of any kind and one pomegranate tree to counteract this curse.

"Kalawisa" Plot of land with a main, rather high part, and with lower narow part to it. Believed to bring illnesses and death.

"Siwahboja" Plot of land facing south with high and lower parts or hilly. Believed to curse the owner with disasters.

"Bramapendem" Plot of land with a haze of red and or yellow shaded colors(due to particular types of vegetation). Beliefs: Considered very dangereous, said to bring death upon the people staying there.

"Sigarpenjalin" Plot of land surrounded by water. Believed to bring quarrels in the family and to cause to deivide it. Note: It was recommended to make an offering and to fill a bottle of water and burry it in the middle of the garden.

"Asu ngelak" or" thirsty dog" Plot of land located in the western part of a mountain. Believed to bring  fights with neighbours. Note: It is recommended to wrap a piece of the earth in a cloth and to throw it in the middle of the garden.

"Singameta" Plot of land with in the middle water or a water source. Believed to bring various diseases. Note: To avoid the curse it was recommended to place a stone in the middle of the garden and read out the "Al-Fatihah"

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