Traditional Joglo could soon disappear from Kotagede

Mar-7th-2014 by Rumah Joglo

Traditional Javanese Joglo houses will soon disappear from Kotagede, Yogyakarta if the current rate of sales and conversion continues. Based on data from the Kotagede Art, Culture, and Tourism Institute, between 1985 and 2007, Kotagede lost only one Joglo per year, but after the 2006 earthquake, the city has lost 31 joglos. Read More >>

Building Permits

Apr-30th-2013 by Rumah Joglo

IMB stands for Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan which literally means permit to establish a building, commonly known as a Building Permit. The IMB is the responsibility of the owner of the building. If you are the owner then it will be your responsibility, if you rent or lease a building it is your landlord s responsibility. Do not buy or lease a building Read More >>

Ridho Hakim: Joy in a Joglo

Apr-17th-2013 by Rumah Joglo

Now meet Ridho Hakim, former manager of Bank Indonesia Malang branch, who has used his cash to preserve Indonesian culture, reasoning that when governments are idle individuals must act. Read More >>

Finding Its Place in Modern Times

Jan-19th-2010 by Rumah Joglo

Life in Yogyakarta has returned to normal since a massive earthquake devastated the province three years ago.Many new homes have been built to replace the damaged ones, but there is one thing that is hard to bring back - the loss of hundreds of limasan homes, the Javanese-style traditional home.Before the earthquake, the sight of many limasan homes in a row was a particular feature of rural Yogyakarta and its surroundings. Read More >>

Heritage Building Owners to Get Tax Benefits

Jan-19th-2010 by Rumah Joglo

In a bid to save cultural heritage buildings, the Yogyakarta municipality will provide incentives to taxpayers who own old buildings, in the form of maintenance allowance, tax breaks, or both. Data from the municipality shows there are 87 such buildings in Yogyakarta, including the Kraton (palace), old schools and old places of worship. As many as 444 other buildings are also in the process of being categorized as heritage buildings. Read More >>

The Joglo Man, Bali

Jan-19th-2010 by Rumah Joglo

Today we visited our friend The Joglo man. We met him a few years ago when Slice was searching for what is called a knockdown house to build on an island. Joglo Man is from the US and came to Indonesia initially for one year to teach martial arts. Ten-plus years later he is still here. According to the locals, he is so fluent in the language (Bahasa) that on the phone it is impossible to tell that actually he is a foreigner. Read More >>

Joglo Business Flourishes Two Years After Quake

Jan-19th-2010 by Rumah Joglo

In early June, scores of people gathered in the area of an old building belonging to the late Sastromardjono in Samen hamlet, Sumbermulyo, Yogyakarta.The impressive joglo that Eny Maryani had built in the compound of her home in Bantul, Yogyakarta. The joglo was built using the materials collected from two damaged joglo from Wonosari and Kulonprogo. After performing a brief prayer together, people filed into the joglo (traditional Javanese building or home with a high, A-framed roof) and went to work removing its beams and roof tiles one by one. Read More >>

Guidelines Prepared for Rebuilding Kotagede Old City

Jan-19th-2010 by Rumah Joglo

The Jogja Heritage Society is preparing a set of guidelines for the rebuilding of Yogyakarta's Kotagede old city, which was devastated in the powerful earthquake that struck the area last May 27. During a seminar held here Wednesday, the heritage society discussed the planned revitalization of the Kotagede Heritage District, which houses in its narrow streets silverworks, traditional buildings and other cultural treasures of the city. One of the steps the heritage community plans is to issue conservation manuals to home and building owners in the district. Read More >>

Java's Joglo Lost to Bali

Jan-19th-2010 by Rumah Joglo

Many Javanese joglo have been re-erected in Bali as museums, private houses and hotel accommodation.The joglo and limasan ancient houses of Java, post-and-beam buildings dating back more than 1,300 years, are springing up like mushrooms across Bali's rice terraced landscapes. According to Laretna Adishakti, a lecturer in the department of architecture of Yogyakarta's Gadjah Mada University, who also happens to sit on the Indonesian Heritage Trust board of directors, joglo and limasan are also depicted on the relief walls of the 8th century Buddhist temple of Borobudur. Read More >>

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