Types of Wood Used

Types of Wood Used

    Different Types Wood Used for Joglos:

(and other types of woods used in Contemporary Tropical Buildings...)

Several different types of wood are used for Joglos… Teak,  Jackfruit, Sonokeling, Labon, Sengon, Acacia wood…

The main three used for Joglos and Limasans are Teak, Jackfruit, Sonokeling.

The charasterics of teak make it the prefered type, it’s fine fibers or grain and oily matter make it very resistant to water and can be found in the many areas of Java.
It’s natural oils make it ideal, for use in exposed locations and termite and pest proof. It is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish.
Different types of teak include: “Bang Teak” smooth, oily and durable; “Teak Sungu” black colored or brownish; “Lime Teak” with a rough whitish color.
Teak trees are gradually increasingly scarce and very expensive at the moment.


Jackfruit: Or called “Nangka” also "Jaquier" wood is a golden yellow colored or red, timber, with beautiful grain that compares to the quality of teak wood. It is also used for the making of musical instrument such as the traditionalIndonesian Gamelan. Jackfruit wood is widely used in the manufacture of furniture. It is not as easily carved as Teak wood.

Kayu Nangka

Sonokeling: Or called “Rosewood” refers to a different number of richly hued timbers, often brownish with darker veining, but found in many different hues. All rosewoods are strong and heavy, taking an excellent polish, used for furniture, luxury flooring and musical instruments. From the name “Rosewood” it has a strong sweet smell. Most rosewood trees are a CITES endangered species.



Bangkirai: Comonly used in contemporary tropical housing structures, flooring.. It's wood texture ranges from fine to rather coarse, the grain is straight and interlocked. Strong and durable is also used as railway sleepers, electric poles, bridges. Origin: Borneo/Kalimantan.

Bangkirai wood


Merbau: The grain is straight, surface is smooth and glossy, main uses are flooring, paneling also used in furniture.

Merbau Wood


Camphor: Yellowish to pale light brown, the grain is straight or interlocked. Uses for interior or exterior siddings, flooring, beams, columns, doors, windows.

Camphor Wood


 Kempas: Yellow to pale white, uses are flooring, siddings, deckings, beams, columns, shindles.

 Kempas wood


Keruing: Light red to redish brown, uses are flooring, siddings, construction.

Keruing wood

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