Orders and Prices

Orders and Prices

Joglos are usually from either Teak wood or Nangka/JAck Fuit wood.

Pricing will vary according to the size, a rule of thumb is 5.000.000 juta per square meter …

For buildings with 20cm plus pillars, the pricing has to be revised accordingly as these buildings  involve much bigger  structural pieces.

Pricing will include the “set up” of the building at your location. The building is made ready standing here at our location in Yogyakarta and then dismantled and transported and set up again at your location.

Wall panels, doors, glass windows, can priced separately. 

A realistic time frame, from start to finish for an average building is 6 months.

A 50% deposit is required from start, then 25% and the last 25% at your location for the set up.

Please feel free to contact us to receive our quotation for your project. You are also most welcome to come and visit us to discuss your project at our location here in Yogyakarta.

Kind Regards.

Aulya Wiyana.

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