The Joglo Man, Bali

January 19th, 2010, 10:22 AM by Rumah Joglo

The Joglo Man, Bali

Today we visited our friend The Joglo man.  We met him a few years  ago when Slice was searching for what is called a knockdown house to  build on an island.

Joglo Man is from the US and came to Indonesia initially for one year  to teach martial arts. Ten-plus years later he is still here. According to the locals, he is so fluent in the language (Bahasa)  that on the phone it is impossible to tell that actually he is a  foreigner.

In addition to martial arts he now has a business in the restoration  of traditional old houses called Joglos.  He has a team of people who  take the houses apart. They are relocated here to his work yard where  they are restored.

When sold, they are  moved to some final destination…some in Bali,  even to Hawaii…where he reconstructs and modernizes them according to  client specifications. The joglo houses come from the island of Java. 

They are made from  hardwoods like teak and nangka and the wood you see stacked in the  following photos are over 100 years old. The Joglo Man pays good money to buy these house but if it weren’t  for him many of these culturally significant and historical houses might  be lost. As the elderly leave this world the young Indonesians look to  modernize their homes.  

Slice and The Joglo Man…this isn’t a joglo but another very old and  traditional house…this was one of my favourites today! A stack of roof tiles … sometimes these get replaced because the  originals are too fragile to be reused. 

A joglo…sans the outside walls…under restoration.    A joglo house waiting to be restored.  This wood is over 100-years  old and some of the beams are 15 metres (45 feet) long.  Slice getting a closer look…. 

An inside look at the roof of a joglo… If you want to buy a joglo house, the Joglo Man’s website will be up  soon…


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